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A cost-effective way to connect with your team

In today’s competitive retail markets, it’s critical your products and services are advertised and showcased in a variety of ways to maintain your company’s sales edge. Reach large national and international audiences through the multitude of services MultiPoint offers. Utilize our web conferencing to promote new product launches and updates. MultiStream provides real-time audiocasts via the web, allowing you to make company announcements, as well as broadcast any other relevant information you wish to share. Conduct internal departmental meetings, external vendor relations and customer support through teleconferencing.

Specialized Service:

  • Instant Access Conferencing
  • Participant Registration
  • Professional Presentations, Audio and Web
  • Confirmations
  • Actual Minutes Used Reports
  • Participant List
  • Sales Training
  • Product Launches & Updates
  • Call 1.800.288.9614

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    Web Conferencing - Hold sales training sessions and product launch announcements via the web; share PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDF files, as well as any software applications or websites by sharing your desktop. Transfer files, capture feedback through polling and send post-event surveys.

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