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April 2009
MultiPoint Communications, Inc. Announces Real-Time Streaming 

Multi-Stream provides you the ability to broadcast live or pre-recorded messages over the Internet, and is an ideal way to conduct critical meetings and deliver announcements. 

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MultiPoint Communications Announces StreamPoint  Replay 

May 2008 - As the customer service leader in the audio and web conferencing industry, Multipoint Communications now offers Audio Streaming or StreamPoint Replay. As with all the audio and web conferencing features offered, MultiPoint continues to design products that are unique and innovative for all your conference meetings.

The StreamPoint Replay is setup over the Internet for any scheduled conference meeting. The connected listeners do not need to install any special software to communicate during the conference meeting.

StreamPoint plays automatically in latest popular browsers, including Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox, Safari on any standard Windows XP, Mac or Linux computer in the office or at home.

StreamPoint Replay live streams can be recorded and saved as a wav file for the client to review. These live stream file recordings can be loaded in a number of formats including wav, mp3, aiff, au, wma, aac and over 20 other formats. StreamPoint Replay also gives the opportunity to do Pod cast on your Palm or IPod.

As the leader in full service conferencing, MultiPoint Communications specializes in major markets as Medical Marketing (CME) , Education, Legal, and Financial.  We offer four basic levels of service for your Audio and Web Conferencing.

Fully Monitored Conferencing Service: Provides a professional conference coordinator to assemble and audibly/visually monitor conference meetings throughout the duration. (Live Q&A and Polling sessions are available only with this service.)

Assisted Conferencing Service:
Offers an expert conference coordinator to assemble and ensure every aspect of the conference before releasing the meeting to the Leader/Moderator.

Automated Conferencing: MultiPoint Communications completely automated and lowest price service.

WebPoint: A full suite of interactive, fully collaborative web tools to enhance your visual presentation.
Each level of service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are additional features to choose from to suit your perfect audio and web conference needs.

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