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The "White Glove" Service

Fully Monitored Conferencing offers the highest level of conference call services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All calls are fully monitored audibly and visibly by one of our professional Conference Coordinators from the opening of the conference to the closing. The Coordinator is available to assist in any capacity while the call is running. Coordinators facilitate every aspect of the meeting from greeting participants, opening the floor for Q & A and Polling Sessions to the set up of Communication lines with Technical Support. Fully Monitored Audio Conferencing is an excellent tool for formal or structured business meetings, events/earnings calls, training and certifications.

What to expect from your Fully Monitored Conference Call

Participants dial a toll free number to be greeted by one of our professional Conference Coordinators who then will place each participant individually into the meeting.

Our Coordinators:

  • Answer all calls
  • Gather participant information (name, affiliate, etc...)
  • Place Dial-outs (if appropriate)
  • Check the line quality
  • Conduct roll calls (if appropriate)
  • Audibly and visually monitor the call
  • Are available to assist in any capacity while the call is running
  • Open the floor and control Q & A sessions
  • Set up a Communication line with Technical Support (if appropriate)
  • Sub-Conference for Leaders/Moderators
Call 1.800.288.9614

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Assisted Conferencing Service:
Offers an expert conference coordinator to assemble and ensure every aspect of the conference before releasing the meeting to the Leader/Moderator.

Instant Access Conferencing: MultiPoint’s completely automated and most cost effective service.

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