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One stop solution for a professional call

For clients who need a more formal beginning for their conferencing, MultiPoint offers Operator Assisted solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants can be granted access to calls by using a pin number or a requested reference name. If preferred, a conference coordinator can manage the call by greeting the conference participants, checking line quality, introducing participants and then releasing the call to you. An Assisted Conference also provides the opportunity to gather information at check-in for post-conference participant lists.

MultiPoint also offers Assisted Conferencing Dial-out. Our Conference Coordinators can dial-out to your participants at the designated time of the call and place them in the meeting.

What to expect from your Assisted Conference Call

Participants dial a toll free number to be greeted by one of our professional Conference Coordinators who then will place each participant individually into the meeting.

Our Conference Coordinators:

  • Answer all calls
  • Gather participant information (name, affiliate, etc…)
  • Place Dial-outs (if appropriate)
  • Announce participants
  • Check the line quality
  • Visually monitor the call
  • Conduct roll calls (if appropriate)
  • Visually monitor the call
  • Customized Greetings
  • Operators are available by pressing *0 for assistance at any time during your conference
Call 1.800.288.9614

Other Audio Conferencing Services:

Fully Monitored Conferencing Service: Provides a professional conference coordinator to assemble and audibly/visually monitor conference meetings throughout the duration. (Live Q&A and Polling sessions are available only with this service.)

Instant Access Conferencing: MultiPoint’s completely automated and most cost effective service.

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