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Ancillary Services

Enhancing your meetings effectiveness

Participant Lists

Multi-Point Coordinators can gather information such as name, affiliation, phone number etc. from participants on assisted calls and provide that information to you at the conclusion of your meeting.

Roll Call

Leaders or Hosts of each conference call can elect to have a roll call of all participants in attendance.

Question & Answer Sessions

Our formal Q&A feature allows your participants to ask questions during your meeting but only when you are ready to entertain them. Participants wishing to ask questions are placed in a question queue and announced one at a time by the conference coordinator. This service is ideal for Investor Relation style calls.


Obtain feedback and/or general census material from your audience instantly.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Replays

Your meeting can be recorded and made available for replay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as long as desired. This service is ideal for participants who could not attend the initial meeting.


Conference call recordings including any additional information can be collected and stored for your convenience and reassurance.

Audio Recording - CD, MP3 & FTP Site Upload

At your request, we can record any assisted conference. Recordings are particularly useful for taking minutes of board meetings, transcriptions, depositions and other similar applications. There are 3 different formats from which to choose from: CD, MP3 or uploading to a secure FTP site for you to download. CD's are traditionally shipped while the MP3 & FTP site method can be sent via email.

Transcription Service

Receive a transcription containing your conference call content by your choice of email, disk or hard copy.

Branded Conference Centers

MultiPoint offers personalized conference call greetings.

Communication Line

To ensure the success of any meeting, MultiPoint can establish a line between one of our conference coordinators and a designee from your company for quality assurance.

Broadcast Fax and Voice Broadcast

If you need to get information out in a hurry, we can fax or voice broadcast your message to thousands of people in a short period of time. Voice broadcast is an excellent tool for disaster recovery.

Customized Billing

MultiPoint will gladly customize your bill according to your needs.

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